Top Hants Estate Agents on Social Media Leaderboard

We run a leaderboard called Top Hants Estate Agents , which is based on social media activity. The board is published weekly using software from Rise Global. Here is this weeks release of Top Hants Estate Agents Below we have explained in more detail how it works.


We have tweaked the metrics this week, so that 20% (was 25%) of an agents score is based on the number of tweets from an agent that include the hashtag #PropertyHants. The bulk of the score is based on an agents Klout score. Which is a fully independent internationally recognised score based on social media activity across most social media platforms. It is worth signing into your Klout account to ensure all your social media platforms are connected to maximise your score. We have no control over an agents Klout score, just use the data each week.

You can see your klout score without registering if you wish by using the URL followed by you twitter user name/handle eg

A benefit of using the hashtag #PropertyHants on Twitter is that we aim to re-tweet posts to our ever increasing number of followers. You can also use the hashtag #PropertyHants on Facebook which again we aim to share, but that doesn’t count towards an agents score.