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Social Media and Digital Signage For Estate Agents

Property is a timeless market. Yet the real estate sector is evolving. Has your agency embraced its two greatest developments: Social Media and Digital Signage?

Social Media – An Estate Agent’s Secret Weapon

troudigitalPeople have always been curious about other people’s houses. Those not even necessarily looking to move browse property listings at the back of newspapers. It’s easy to predict that following estate agencies on social media is likely to become today’s equivalent.

The modern estate agency can reach more potential clients than ever before. You don’t have to wait for them to come to you either. Someone on the other side of the country might tweet that they’re looking to move to your area – let them know that you want to help.

Making a good impression when a client visits your office is crucial to securing their business. The same goes for visitors to your social media sites. So what should an estate agent have on their Facebook page? In addition to the latest property listings, your agency should consider publishing client testimonials. Nothing encourages potential clients more than impartial evidence of your great service.

Buying or renting a property is a stressful time for most of us. It’s imperative for estate agencies to put their clients at ease. A brilliant way to do this through social media is to field queries on Twitter or proactively offer information answering FAQs. Why not start a hashtag?

What’s even hotter than Facebook and Twitter at the moment? Instagram and Snapchat. These platforms are ideal for real estate marketing. Showcase property pictures on Instagram and boost your audience through strategic tagging. You could reblog pictures sent in from happy clients who’ve picked up their keys. Building an audience on Snapchat is just as worthwhile. Unlike with other platforms, you know you have your audience’s attention. Your agents can send snaps, even short videos as they tour properties.

Digital Signage – A Window Revolution

Your agency is impressing on social media. Great. You’re engaging with potential clients you’ve never reached before. But what about those passing by your office window everyday? With everyone glued to screens, how are you going to catch attention on the high-street?

Digital signage is the second revolution to hit the real estate sector

There are perks for everyone. With traditional window displays, staff have to download property listings, print and spend time putting up ads. The process is cumbersome – there’s only so much room to play with, and ads have to be changed regularly. With digital signage for estate agents, your window feels larger – able to display a reel of properties with changing photos, rather than a set few with static images. It also becomes self-sufficient: updating its listings when properties are sold and automatically adding new stock.

Digital signage for estate agents has two additional benefits. Firstly, it’s an affordable way for any estate agency to convey high-quality. After all, an agency with an impressive office is more likely to attract clients with larger budgets looking for luxury property. Secondly, digital signage for estate agents works perfectly with your social media. Your Twitter feed and Facebook testimonials can be integrated around your digitised listings. You can even introduce QR codes linking to property profiles to boost audience engagement.

Using social media will just be part of the property sales process, but used effectively, through digital signage, you can greatly improve your sales results.

Guest Blog Post for Property Hants from Mario at TrouDigital based in Southampton Hampshire


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