Hampshire Property Values

Want to know how much your property is worth in Hampshire? There are a range of tools available on the internet to help you get a better understanding of property values in Hampshire or to get a valuation for a specific property. If you are considering selling your home you can use various calculators to research your property value. But ultimately the best option is to ask 2 to 3 reputable local estate agents to visit you in your home and provide you with a valuation on the basis of your home was to go on the open residential property market. Do not forget that the true value of your home or a property is the price that an individual is willing to pay for the property. Valuations are there to give you guidance and set an asking price. Marketing your property and getting a sale is the real way to establish a value at that point in time.

Historic Hampshire House Price Data

It is now easy to find out what price a property has sold for using the internet. So you can answer the question what price did my house sell for? Our favourite websites for property sold prices are:

Rightmove House Prices – which will let you search by postcode and then down to street level and house number, including old photos from when the property was listed

OnTheMarket logo

OnThemarket Sold prices – a simple search by postcode or area for properties sold in your chosen area down to the level of individual property addresses

Zoopla House Prices – Similar to above, will let you search for free down to individual house prices and also includes an average value change index for the area you are searching

HM Land Registry logo

Land Registry – This is ultimately where all the data has been collected from for sold house prices, but is a much more functional property database tool to tell you actual sold house prices with no frills.

Mouseprice logo

Mouseprice – We really like this one, it gives you historical house sold prices and you can set up email alerts to keep you informed

Property Price Advice logo

Property Price Advice is another great source of sold property prices and also has a free valuation tool

Value My Hampshire Property

There are tools on-line that say they can calculate the value of your home, but we say they are best used for guidance only. They are calculators that work on the basis of your original purchase price and then increase or decrease the value to present day based on regional house price changes for the chosen period. These are fine for rough guides but are not going to take into account many factors, including changes in property condition, improvements, local market fluctuations, specific demand, individual property desirability, etc. Ultimately local estate agents are best placed to give you an expert opinion on your property value, as discussed early. However, for a rough idea or fun try these free on-line calculators to value your home and find out what my property is worth

Land Registry – Simple property value calculator using house price changes by County, in our case Hampshire

Zoopla Current Property Value – This tool gives you an idea of average prices by a postcode area and price changes over a selectable number of years

Lloyds House Price Tools – Calculate based on market movement by Region, i.e. for Hampshire – South-east then the calculator uses your historic valuation and present day to calculate, so based on very wide geographical area